Plateau Saclay Combinatorics Seminar


The Plateau Saclay Combinatorics Seminar is held every Wednesday morning at 11 AM in room Flajolet (top floor on the left) at LIX. It is co-organized by the Combi team of LIX and the GALaC team.

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Recent and up-coming seminars

Cyclic sieving for reduced reflection factorizations of the Coxeter element

-- Theo Douvropoulos (IRIF, Paris 7 Diderot)

Given a factorization \(t_1\cdots t_n=c\) of some element \(c\) in a group, there are various natural cyclic operations we can apply on it; one of them is given by \(\Psi:(t_1,\cdots,t_n)\rightarrow (c\ t_n\ c^{-1},t_1,\cdots, t_{n-1})\). A common question is then to ...

Convergence of uniform noncrossing partitions toward the Brownian triangulation

-- Jérémie Bettinelli (LIX, équipe Combi)

We give a short proof that a uniform noncrossing partition of the regular \(n\)-gon weakly converges toward Aldous's Brownian triangulation of the disk, in the sense of the Hausdorff topology. This result was first obtained by Curien and Kortchemski, using a more complicated encoding. Thanks to a result ...

Extensions d'ordres cycliques partiels, boustrophédons et polytopes

-- Sanjay Ramassamy (UMPA, ENS Lyon)

Tandis que l'énumeration des extensions linéaires des ensembles partiellement ordonnés a fait l'objet de nombreux travaux, son analogue cyclique (énumération des extensions à des ordres cycliques totaux d'un ordre cyclique partiel donné) a été fort peu étudié. Dans cet exposé, j'introduirai certaines classes d'ordres cycliques ...

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