Plateau Saclay Combinatorics Seminar


The Plateau Saclay Combinatorics Seminar is held every Wednesday morning at 11 AM in room Flajolet (top floor on the left) at LIX. It is co-organized by the Combi team of LIX and the GALaC team.

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Recent and up-coming seminars

Mobius functions for real hyperplane arrangements.

-- Marcelo Aguiar (Cornell Univ.)

We discuss the beginnings of a theory of noncommutative Mobius functions and its connections to the structure of the algebra of faces of a hyperplane arrangement. It is to be seen as a generalization of the theory of Mobius functions for lattices, developed by Rota and his school in the ...

A proof-theoretic analysis of the rotation lattice of binary trees

-- Noam Zeilberger (Birmingham University)

Join seminar with the Parsifal team The classical Tamari lattice Yn is defined as the set of binary trees with n internal nodes, with the partial ordering induced by the (right) rotation operation. It is not obvious why Yn is a lattice, but this was first proved by Haya Friedman ...

Generalized Jucys-Murphy elements and canonical idempotents in towers of algebras

-- Aaron Lauve (Loyola Univ., Chicago)

The collection of symmetric group algebras serves as a motivating example for what I'll call a multiplicity-free tower of finite dimensional algebras. Any such family has a canonical complete set of pairwise orthogonal primitive idempotents stemming from its representation theory. In the case of the symmetric group algebras, these ...

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