Plateau Saclay Combinatorics Seminar


The Plateau Saclay Combinatorics Seminar is held every other Monday afternoon at 3PM in room Philippe Flajolet (top floor on the left) at LIX. It is co-organized by the Combi team of LIX and the GALaC team.

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The seminar archives (2006 -- 2017) can be found on the old page.

Recent and up-coming seminars

From Delta to Theta conjectures: a survey

-- Anna Vanden Wyngaerd (IRIF Université Paris Cité)

In 2015, Haglund Remmel and Wilson proposed two conjectural combinatorial interpretations of a certain symmetric function involving a certain Delta operator, which acts diagonally on the MacDonald polynomials. These formulas generalise the shuffle conjecture (Haglund, Haimal, Loehr, Remmel, Ulyanov 2002), now theorem (Carlsson, Mellit 2018). In this talk, we will ...

Multitriangulations and tropical Pfaffians

-- Luis Crespo Ruiz (Universidad de Cantabria)

The \(k\)-associahedron \(Ass_k(n)\) is the simplicial complex of \((k+1)\)-crossing-free subgraphs of the complete graph with vertices on a circle. Its facets are called \(k\)-triangulations. We explore the connection of \(Ass_k(n)\) with the Pfaffian variety \(Pf_k(n)\subset K^\binom{n}{2}\) of antisymmetric matrices ...

Efficient generation of rectangulations and elimination trees via permutation languages

-- Arturo Merino (Technische Universität Berlin)

In this talk we apply the Hartung-Hoang-Mütze-Williams permutation language framework to derive exhaustive generation algorithms for two further classes of combinatorial objects, as well as Hamilton paths and cycles on the corresponding polytopes: (3) different classes of rectangulations, which are subdivisions of a rectangle into smaller rectangles (see www.combos ...

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