GALaC organizes or participates in three different regular seminars.

GALaC team seminar

The GALaC team seminar is organized once a month on Friday at 14:30 in the Ada Lovelace building at LRI. Recent and up-coming seminars

Plateau Saclay Combinatorics Seminar

The Plateau Saclay Combinatorics Seminar is held every Wednesday morning at 11 AM in room Flajolet (top floor on the left) at LIX. It is co-organized by the Combi team of LIX and the GALaC team. The mailing list for this seminar is Subscribe to this ...

Plateau Saclay Algorithms Seminar

The Plateau Saclay Algorithms Seminar is held every other Friday afternoon in LIX. This working group is partially supported by Labex DigiCosme (Digital worlds: distributed data, programs and architectures). If you do wish (or not) to receive any emails from this seminar, you can subscribe or unsubscribe from the mailing ...

Some recent results on the integer linear programming formulation for the Max-Cut problem

-- Hung Nguyen (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: Given an undirected graph G=(V,E) where the edges are weighted by an arbitrary cost vector c, a cut S in G associated with a node subset S is the edge subset of E which contains all the edges having exactly one end-node in S. The Maximum Cut ...

Maximum Independent Set in H-free graphs

-- Edouard BONNET (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: Maximum Independent Set (MIS) in graphs without a connected H as an induced subgraph (that is, H-free) is NP-complete when H is not a tree with at most one vertex of degree at least 3. For the other graphs H, which are paths and subdivisions of the claw (K_1 ...

Comprendre la combinatoire des fonctions “parking" rectangulaire via les espaces de polynômes harmoniques diagonaux (exposé 1)

-- François Bergeron (UQAM)

Dans cette suite d’exposés, j’ai l’intention d’expliquer comment de nouveaux espaces de polynômes multivariés permettent: de rendre compte de la riche combinatoire des généralisations rectangulaires des fonctions parking, des chemins de (m,n)-Catalan, et des treillis de (m,n)-Tamari; de comprendre les familles de ...

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