Plateau Saclay Algorithms Seminar

The Plateau Saclay Algorithms Seminar is held every other Friday afternoon in LIX. This working group is partially supported by Labex DigiCosme (Digital worlds: distributed data, programs and architectures).

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Recent and up-coming seminars

Matchings and related structures with Specified Color Properties In Vertex- or Edge-colored Graphs.

-- Yannis Manoussakis (University Paris South and CNRS)

summary: We consider problems in edge- or vertex colored graphs. As an example, the Web graph may be considered as a vertex-colored graph where the color of a vertex represents the content of the corresponding page (red for mathematics, yellow for physics, etc.). When the edges/vertices of graphs are ...

The Domino Problem is undecidable on surface groups

-- Nathalie Aubrun (ENS lyon)

summary: The domino problem for a finitely generated group asks whether there exists an algorithm which takes as input a finite alphabet and finitely many Wang tiles, and decides whether there exists a tiling of the group by this set of tiles. I will survey known results and present the ...


-- Professor Mariusz Wozniak (Department of Discrete Mathematics, AGH University, Cracow, Poland)

Abstract : Let us consider a coloring \(f\) of edges in a simple graph \(G = (V, E)\). Such acoloring defines for each vertex \(x \in V\) the palette of colors, i.e., the multiset of colors of edges incident with \(x\), denoted by \(S(x)\). These palettes can be used to ...

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