GALaC team at LRI, Paris-Sud

GALaC is a research group at LRI, Paris-Sud University. We are focused on graph theory, combinatorics and network distributed systems algorithmic.

A global presentation of research activities in GALaC was made in 2013 for the AERES evaluation: Slides AERES 2013 and projet.

Recent Posts

Permutahedral matchings, zonotopal tilings, and d-partitions

-- Cesar Ceballos

In this talk I will present higher dimensional generalizations of the following three concepts:

  • (a) perfect matchings of a hexagonal tiling,
  • (b) rhombus tilings of a hexagon, and
  • (c) plane partitions.

I will show that these generalizations are equivalent under certain specific bijections. The generalizations of (b) and (c) have ...

Optimal curing policy for epidemic spreading over a community network with heterogeneous population

-- Francesco De Pellegrini (University of Avignon)

summary: The design of an efficient curing policy, able to stem an epidemic process at an affordable cost, has to account for the structure of the population contact network supporting the contagious process. Thus, we tackle the problem of allocating recovery resources among the population, at the lowest cost possible ...

Cardinal d'un ensemble de coupure minimal en percolation de premier passage

-- Marie Théret (Université Paris Nanterre)

On considère le modèle de percolation de premier passage sur \(\mathbb{Z}^d\) en dimension \(d\geq 2\) : on associe aux arêtes du graphe une famille de variables i.i.d. positives ou nulles. On interprète la variable aléatoire associée à une arête comme étant sa capacité, i.e., la ...

Brauer-Thrall Conjectures, Old and New!

-- Kaveh Mousavand

\(\tau\)-tilting theory is an elegant-- but technical-- subject in representation theory of associative algebras, with motivations from cluster algebras. It was introduced by Adachi-Iyama-Reiten, in 2014. However, thanks to the recent result of Demonet-Iyama-Jasso, one can fully phrase the concept of \(\tau\)-tilting finiteness in terms of linear algebra ...

Geometry of random permutation factorizations

-- Paul Thevenin (CMAP, École Polytechnique)

We study random minimal factorizations of the \(n\)-cycle into transpositions, that is, factorizations of the cycle \((1 2...n)\) into a product of \(n-1\) transpositions. It is known that these factorizations are in bijection with Cayley trees of size \(n\), and therefore that there are \(n^{n-2}\) of them ...

Séminaire ouvert

-- Toute l'équipe (LIX et GALAC)

Lors d'un séminaire ouvert, le thème n'est pas décidé à l'avance. Tous les membres du séminaires sont invités à participer et peuvent proposer le jour même des interventions plus ou moins longues, des démos ou des questions ouvertes au reste de l'équipe.

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