GALaC team at LRI, Paris-Sud

GALaC is a research group at LRI, Paris-Sud University. We are focused on graph theory, combinatorics and network distributed systems algorithmic.

A global presentation of research activities in GALaC was made in 2013 for the AERES evaluation: Slides AERES 2013 and projet.

Recent Posts

Current trends in Optimal Stopping Problems and Machine Learning

-- Ini Adinya (LISN, Galac)

summary: Stochastic optimal stopping problems have a wide range of applications, from finance and economics to neuroscience, robotics, and energy management. Many real-world applications involve complex models that have driven the development of sophisticated numerical methods.
Recently, computational methods based on machine learning methods have been developed for solving such ...


-- Adeline Pierrot (LISN, Galac)

summary: TBA

Transversals in a collection of graphs with degree conditions

-- Luyi Li (LISN, Galac)

summary: Let G={G_1, G_2, ... , G_m} be a collection of n-vertex graphs on the same vertex set V (a graph system), and F be a simple graph with e(F) ≤ m. If there is an injection f: E(F) → [m] such that e &isinv E(G_{f(e)}) for each ...

Compact local certification of MSO properties for several tree-like parameters

-- Hugo Demaret (LISN, Galac)

summary: Local certification is interested in assigning labels (called certificates) to the vertices of a graph, in order to certify a certain property about said graph, or the correctness of a data-structure distributed on the graph. For the verification to be local, a vertex may only "see" its neighbourhood. A ...

Complexité du problème de distance d’édition minimum à un line-digraphe

-- Quentin Japhet (LISN, Galac)

summary: La distance d'édition est une mesure classique utilisée pour évaluer la proximité entre un graphe donné et un autre graphe ou une classe de graphes. Cette distance représente le nombre minimum de modifications requises pour transformer le graphe initial en un graphe appartenant à la classe voulue. Une ...

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