GALaC team seminar

The GALaC team seminar is organized once a month on Friday at 14:30 in the Ada Lovelace building at LRI.

Recent and up-coming seminars

Self-Stabilization and Byzantine Tolerance for Maximal Matching

-- Laurence Pilard (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: We analyse the impact of transient and Byzantine faults on the construction of a maximal matching in a general network. In particular, we consider the self-stabilizing algorithm called AnonyMatch presented by Cohen et al. in PPL'2016 for computing such a matching. Since self-stabilization is transient fault tolerant, we ...

Fighting epidemics with the maximum spectral subgraph

-- Paul Beaujean (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: Recent developments in mathematical epidemiology have identified a relationship between the time to extinction of an epidemic spreading over a network and the spectral radius of the underlying graph i.e. the largest eigenvalue of its adjacency matrix. At the same time, new generation networking technologies such as NFV ...

Reconfiguration Distribuée de Problèmes de Graphes

-- Mikael Rabie (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: En théorie des graphes, un problème de configuration est le suivant : est-il possible d'aller d'une solution valide d'un problème à une autre, en passant par un chemin de solutions acceptables ? Quelle est la longueur minimale d'un chemin ? Quelle est la complexité ? Par exemple, un problème ...

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