GALaC team seminar

The GALaC team seminar is organized once a month on Friday at 14:30 in the Ada Lovelace building at LRI.

Recent and up-coming seminars

Binary pattern of length greater than 14 are abelian-2-avoidable

-- Matthieu Rosenfeld (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: Two words u and v are abelian equivalent if they are permutation of each other ("aabc" and "baca" are abelian equivalent). Let w be a word and P= P1...Pn (where the Pi are the letters of P) a pattern (a word over another alphabet), we say that w ...

Mariage stable auto-stabilisant et distribué

-- Marie Laveau (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: Le problème du mariage stable (Stable Marriage problem, SMP) est un problème classique proposé pour la première fois par Gale et Shapley. Issu de l'économie, le SMP a aussi été étudié intensivement en maths et en informatique et a de multiples dérivés et applications (Cloud-computing, programme d'admission ...

A Two-level Auction for Resource Allocation in Multi-tenant C-RAN

-- Mira Morcos (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: Next generation (5G) mobile networks are targeting twenty five-fold data rates provided by the current generation of mobile networks, with higher efficiency, enhanced mobility support and seamless management of connected devices. In order to provide such features, at reduced Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX), the Cloud- RAN ...

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