GALaC team seminar

The GALaC team seminar is organized once a month on Friday at 14:30 in the Ada Lovelace building at LRI.

Recent and up-coming seminars

graph algorithms to help molecular construction

-- Stefi Nouleho (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: In organic chemistry, when a new molecule is designed, it is necessary to determine chemical reactions that can be used to synthesize this target molecule from available compounds. Finding such chemical reactions consists usually in searching in a reaction database (such as REAXYS or ChEBI) for a molecule that ...

Sur le nombre des (d,k)-polytopes

-- Rado Rakotonarivo (LIPN, University of Paris 13)

Résumé : Un polytope est l'enveloppe convexe d'un ensemble fini de points dans un espace euclidien. On dénotera par (d,k)-polytope un polytope entier de dimension d de R^d et contenu dans l'hypercube [0,k]^d. Ce sont des objets faciles à décrire mais dont la ...

Economics of Age of Information (AoI) Management: Pricing and Competition

-- Lingjie Duan (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: Fueled by the rapid development of communication networks and sensors in portable devices, today many mobile users are invited by content providers to sense and send back real-time useful information (e.g., traffic observations and sensor data) to keep the freshness of the online platforms’ content updates. However, due ...

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