GALaC team seminar

The GALaC team seminar is organized once a month on Friday at 14:30 in the Ada Lovelace building at LRI.

Recent and up-coming seminars

Some recent results on the integer linear programming formulation for the Max-Cut problem

-- Hung Nguyen (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: Given an undirected graph G=(V,E) where the edges are weighted by an arbitrary cost vector c, a cut S in G associated with a node subset S is the edge subset of E which contains all the edges having exactly one end-node in S. The Maximum Cut ...

De la sociologie avec des algorithmes à la sociologie des algorithmes

-- Christophe Prieur (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: La décennie 2000 a vu l’émergence d’une sociologie parfois dite computationnelle, sociologie qui s’appuie sur des traces collectées numériquement en très grandes quantités, nécessitant des algorithmes spécifiques. En passant en revue quelques exemples de cette sociologie avec des algorithmes, je montrerai comment cet aperçu laisse voir ...

Maximum Independent Set in H-free graphs

-- Edouard BONNET (GALAC, LRI)

Summary: Maximum Independent Set (MIS) in graphs without a connected H as an induced subgraph (that is, H-free) is NP-complete when H is not a tree with at most one vertex of degree at least 3. For the other graphs H, which are paths and subdivisions of the claw (K_1 ...

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