Realizing Geometrically s-Permutahedra via Flow Polytopes

-- Daniel Tamayo-Jimenez (LISN, Galac)

Time: 14:00 -- Location: LRI, 445

summary: In 2020, Ceballos and Pons defined s-decreasing trees with s being a weak composition. They described an order on these objects called the s-weak order which gives them the order structure of a lattice. They further conjectured that this structure could be realized geometrically as the 1-skeleton of a polyhedral subdivision of a certain polytope. In this talk I will present 2 such realizations with the help of flow polytopes that come from directed graphs. The first uses triangulations of said polytopes while the second consists of mixed subdivisions of hypercubes.
This is joint work with Rafael S. González D’León, Alejandro H. Morales, Eva Philippe, Yannic Vargas, and Martha Yip.

Category: seminars
Tags: Team seminar combinatorics