Articles by Sergey Dovgal

The birth of the strong components

-- Sergey Dovgal (LIPN, Université Paris 13)

In this talk, I am going to discuss an upcoming paper with Élie de Panafieu, Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona, Vonjy Rasendrahasina and Stephan Wagner about the asymptotics around the critical window of the phase transition in directed graphs. Although the width of the transition window has been already established in 2009 by ...

Asymptotic distribution of parameters in random maps

-- Sergey Dovgal (LIPN Univ. Paris 13)

In this joint work with Olivier Bodini, Julien Courtiel, and Hsien-Kuei Hwang, we consider random rooted maps without regard to their genus. We address the problem of limiting distributions for six different parameters: - vertices - leaves - loops - root edges - root isthmic constructions - root vertex degree Each parameter has a different limiting ...